What to keep in mind when choosing your sofa set

6 min readNov 11, 2020


A living room without a sofa is like eating food without salt. It feels dull and incomplete. It is not an exaggeration to say that a sofa is the most fundamental component of a living space.

But choosing the ideal sofa demands a huge amount of effort. You must figure out essential features that include the desired shape, room layout, functionality, size, and of course, the colour.

Tips To Keep In Mind When Choosing Between Sofa set designs.

If you are wondering about how to pick the right sofa for living room, you have come to the ultimate place. Here are some top tips you need to ensure when hunting the market to buy a sofa set -

1. Size Up the Dimensions

The first step undoubtedly is to analyse the amount of space you desire to allocate to your sofa. The layout of your living room area will dictate the type and size of the sofa you will purchase.

After judging the space, you must figure out whether to go for a bulky design or a single-seater, whether it should be short and wide or narrow and long, whether it should be a high seating sofa or a low-seating one, and many other factors.

Be sure to factor in space for accessories that might include a coffee/centre table, bookshelves, side tables, lamps, and other furniture. Your living space must not look cluttered or chaotic.

2. Determine the Orientation

The next crucial thing to remember is the orientation of the sofa. Once you have dedicated space to the couch, consider the direction your sofa will face.

Should you set it against the wall, or should you place it next to the windows? You could even place it in front of the TV.

Ensure that the seating arrangement falls in perfect harmony with the rest of the room and that your living room gets enough natural lighting for the flawless setup.

3. Pick a Shape

Ask yourself about the primary purpose of the sofa and the extension, the shape that you should prefer.

You should take into account whether the sofa seating would be an add-on besides poofs, smaller stools, chairs, and recliners, or will it be the sole seating solution to entertain your guests.

Image Source: https://www.wakefit.co/sofa/snoozer-sofa?sku=WSFASZRL3CFOBL

Some options that you can consider is a rectangular-shaped sofa or the voguish L-shaped one. Most L-shaped sectionals can seat over 4 or 5 comfortably, whereas a loveseat can accommodate two people.

Once you determine the purpose of your sofa, you will discern that most of the spacing and other practical issues will iron out by themselves.

For instance, if you want a multi-functional sofa that you can also double up as a bed, the best choice is the Sofa-cum-Bed to meet both needs.

4. Focus on Aesthetics

You can select the upholstery material for the sofa, as per the décor and style of your home.

Image Source: https://www.wakefit.co/sofa/snoozer-sofa?sku=WSFASZRN3FOGR

Typically, a house with a classic appeal demands a leather sofa whereas, if you like to keep it casual, you could go for a patterned, bold coloured fabric sofa, of which linen, synthetic microfiber, and cotton are some fabric examples.

If you have a spotless, modern-looking living space, a square-armed sofa with simple legs will act more complementary compared to an ornate set.

If you have got an open-plan living space, a modular or chaise sofa is an attractive choice. As the back of a couch is on view in an open-plan room, be sure to have a proper glance at the couch from the rear before investing.

Conversely, experimenting with polar opposite styles is also viable as long as they blend in impeccably.

5. Blended in Palette & Pattern

You must pick on a harmonised colour and pattern so that the overall look and appeal of your living room is complete.

If your house has neutral coloured walls and monotone furniture, you have the option to go bold with a bright-coloured sofa such as neon green or hot pink.

If you want to steer clear from starkly contrasting design themes, experiment with the colour and designing of throw pillows as-well-as cushions.

Also, be sure to inquire about the details of the composition of your sofa from the store staff. In most cases, the inside of the sofa influences its quality. For instance, many cheaper sofas do not contain extra strapping or wood on the frame.

6. Colour and Fabrics

Image Source: https://www.wakefit.co/sofa/snoozer-sofa?sku=WSFASZRN32FMCB

While choosing the fabric sofa set, pay attention to the number of hours you or your guests expect to spend seated on the sofa.

Microfibers and leather offer higher longevity and are appropriate for rooms where your family sits the most. High maintenance fabrics like silk are attractive and lush, but they wear and tear easily, which makes them ideal for areas that you will not use frequently.

While choosing fabric, you must make your selection according to how you will use the sofa and what would be its orientation.

Go for a heavy-duty textile if you have children who jump up and down the sofas.

You can also seek out the visual effect you want to create in your living space. For instance, if you intend to make a bold statement and are aiming for the sofa to stand out, then go for vibrant colours. Instead, if you intend on the sofa blending in with the rest of the décor in the living space, you can go for a less conspicuous shade.

7. Functionality

Image Source: https://www.wakefit.co/coffee-tables/baron-coffee-table

Which sofa to go for, is also determined by what purpose it is supposed to serve. Aesthetics are just as significant as the functionality that your sofa would serve.

Deep and cushy cushions are ideal for leisure and relaxation, whereas sofas with elegant silhouettes, rolled arms, or intricate tufting complement formal settings.

Recliners are optimal for people who wish to spend long hours gaming or viewing television. If you are going to have guests regularly and intend to maximise your space, your best bet is to consider a sofa-sleeper.

If you demand a high quality, voguish and luxurious sofa at an affordable cost, then try scouting online or ask around various furniture stores and finalise accordingly.

Final Words

While the options in the market for picking sofas are almost endless, it is imperative that you measure your space appropriately before investing in a sofa.

It is also advised that you maintain a balance between luxury and budget. Going all-out on buying a sofa that may or may not complement your living space might leave you dissatisfied in more ways than one.




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