The Master Bedroom Decor Guide You Deserve

6 min readDec 18, 2020


The master bedroom is a prominent space in your home, although it often is the last room that gets decorated. This room is your personal space in the house and demands renovation and a touch of elegance.

People have a notion that it is wise to spend their decorating strength on the spaces that most people can appreciate.

However, the trait of exclusivity and privacy makes the master bedroom a valuable space to decorate. It is a rejuvenating space, an escape, and a warm getaway from stress.

Tips To Decorate The Master Bedroom

Whether you are fantasising of a serene retreat, a vibrant and energetic spot, or a dark and moody design, here are ideas for every master bedroom that can help you decorate this personal space just right -

  • Pick a Subtle Color

Rather than going for bold primary colours, choose soothing shades and a tranquil palette of monochromatic hues.

Gentle hues of blue, lavender, or green give off the vibes of calmness and serenity, whereas bright jewel-toned hues set the mood of cosiness and comfort.

Paint your room with toned-down versions of your favourite colours. Shades that are over-pronounced might appeal to you for a couple of days, but eventually will start bothering you and act counter-productive.

  • Don’t ignore the ceiling.
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The ceiling is the fifth wall in a room, but is often ignored. When you lie in bed, the ceiling would be the first thing in your sight.

Paint an exquisite pattern or soft colour on your ceiling. Paint it with a slightly milder version of the wall colour. This technique will render an ambience of comfort and intimacy.

Other solutions comprise stencil or wallpapers to cover the ceiling, add architectural elements such as beams or mouldings, or utilise a decorative paint treatment.

For utmost luxury, silver-leafed bedroom ceilings, a canopy or tented bed with a dressing that hangs from the roof can envelop you in intimacy and warmth while including texture, design, and colour.

You can also add a moulded medallion and chandelier of crystal or delicate shades that will bring colour, texture, and pattern to the fifth wall above you.

  • Maintain Simplicity and Elegance
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A bedroom must feel cosy and simple, sophisticated, and dignified, regardless of the style of decorating you prefer.

For effortless movement, leave about three feet between the bed and side walls or large furniture and a minimum of two feet between the bed and low furniture, such as tables and dressers.

Furnish your bedroom with necessities only. A bed, a bedside table, a dresser, and a chair fall under must-haves. Any furniture apart from these would only add to the clutter.

Try to keep accessories to a minimum. Pick an exquisite piece of artwork, hang some family photos, throw in flowers and candles, all while keeping it to a bare minimum. Remember, less is more.

  • Pick the Furniture Sizing Accordingly
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When you head out to buy bedroom furniture, devise a floor plan arrangement and a measured drawing of the space. Furniture must fit the room it lives in, especially for master bedrooms.

Do not go for a gigantic bed and dresser that results in a cramped bedroom. If the ceiling is high, a tall headboard can work really well for you.

Be sure to inspect all aspects of owning a king size vs queen size bed and pick the one that complements your bedroom space.

If your bedroom is spacious, choose furniture accordingly. Throw in a chair and ottoman or place some furniture at the end of the bed. Small furniture and accessories will appear lost in a spacious room.

  • Have Enough Storage

To keep your sleep haven light, store redundant stuff out of sight. The room will appear calm and spacious.

  1. Pick a roomy bedside table with drawers or doors, behind which you can tuck away books, lotion, or reading glasses that would be within reach but out of sight.
  2. Place a trunk or a storage bench at the foot of the bed to stockpile extra sheets, blankets, or pillows.
  3. Storage Beds are a great way to tuck in off-season clothes or extra linens.
  4. For quick-reachable books and accessories, mount some wall shelves for the bedroom with built-in shelves or sliding panels.
  5. Your bedroom wardrobe must comply with the space available in your room and must also match its aesthetics.
  6. A custom-designed organisation can help you maximise closet space.
  7. Put shallow boxes underneath the bed and hide them with a pretty bed skirt.
  • Add a Private Nook
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A quiet place to sit and read can add wonders to your master bedroom plan. Make an intimate reading or lounging area with a cushy chair and footstool at the end of your bed or typically in a corner.

If you still have room, build a window seat underneath the bedroom window. Savour the view and the natural light.

  • Use Luxurious Linens
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Outfit your bedroom using delightful and luxurious fabrics. Nothing adds comfort to a bedroom like beautiful linens. Do not purchase sheets with less than 100 percent cotton or linen with high thread counts of 350 or higher.

To clean premium quality sheets, send them to a dry cleaner for professional washing and pressing, that is not expensive, but renders the necessary smoothness.

More premium fabrics that you can include are soft mohair or cashmere throw on the arm of a study chair, coat the walls with silk or textured wall coverings, hang silk draperies or a silk bed canopy, or include plush floor coverings.

  • Cover the Windows

An exquisitely dressed window can help frame the window and the view and also provide other ways to add colour, texture, pattern, and tenderness to a bedroom.

If you adore soft sheer curtains that filter light, use opaque roller blinds that you can pull down with ease to provide privacy at night and to cut off morning light.

For all draperies, have opaque blinds or drapery lining to block out the sun when you wish to sleep during late hours.

  • Throw in Several Lighting Options
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It is good to spread lighting appropriately throughout the room. Ambient lighting can glow up the entire space, small lamps can concentrate light for reading and other activities, and accent light washes the walls in subdued illumination.

To concentrate reading light where you require it, use a bedside lamp with a flexible arm. Each light source must be adjustable via a dimmer.

Install an on/off switch for every light so you can get selective and light only the section of the room that you want.

Final Words

Decorating your master bedroom is crucial, as it is an intimate space that you share with your loved one. By following these tips, you can spruce up your bedroom with the most exquisite of elements while staying within budget.




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