Slow Mornings: How tech-free mornings can be good for you

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Good sleep is imperative for a healthy mind, and so is a serene start to our day. But is that what happens in reality? Browse. Click. Like. Share. Forward. Comment. This is how we all start our day, and why not?

We all lead a busy life, and every morning, we have a lot of emails, social events, and happenings to catch up. So even after rising early, we wouldn’t have had a good sleep and surely not a peaceful morning. We wake up to our alarm and frantically start checking for missed emails, social media messages, and calls.

But that’s not how mornings are supposed to be right? We all deserve a more subtle and calm morning routine with loads of laughs, family time, and less chaos. We all deserve a break from technology to receive new impressions, to reminisce upon the day that passed by and to devour the power of a bright and beautiful morning.

After a good sleep a brighter, quieter, and productive morning is what we all should aspire for. For that, we need to go on a stringent digital detox of sorts from all our gadgets and smart devices.

It might sound pretty extreme when put that way, but then, we never had them growing up, and neither did our parents. We all did fine back then, didn’t we? So the problem is just in our mind, and once we clear that up, we are ready for the transformation. Once you start a “slow morning,” schedule, you will be astounded at how much time you have for yourself and everyone around you. Plus it is a trending concept, don’t we all like doing things that are trending and in vogue?!

If all this doesn’t convince you, here are some remarkable ways slow mornings could help you.

Top Ways Tech-Free Morning can do you Good

There is so much beyond the chaos and mess that a technology-laden morning gives you.

#1. Offers a Focused Thought Process

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Imagine you wake up at 7 am every morning to the sound of your alarm (obviously on your mobile phone), and then you start your daily routine of “catching up” on your mobile after 7–8 hours of good sleep.

You would unintentionally get too connected to the virtual world and lose focus on the actual life ahead of you. You would then get frantic and anxious to get ready and hustle about your daily routine. But if you were to go tech-free, you can use that time to plan your day with a clear head. Your day would be better organized and less chaotic. In short, a great start to a productive and progressive day.

#2. Better Family Bonding

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Our lives are pretty much loaded all the time, and we hardly get time for our family and friends. We are often seen juggling work and running around looking for easier ways to function.

But forgoing our gadget time in the mornings and unwinding slowly can give you plenty of time to have quality time with your family. It is time we put our mobiles and gadgets away and become more socially available in reality and not just virtually. Sitting together with your family and eating breakfast together without any hurry is something worth sacrificing mobile time for!

Keep away from technology for a day and try making real conversations with the people around you. You may be surprised at how little you knew your own family. Detaching yourself from technology would help you improve your interpersonal skills and make you more empathetic and humane.

#3. Inner Awakening and Self Realization

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Now that might sound a mouthful when we put it that way, but in actuality, it just means awakening your inner self and starting a conscious reflection of your thoughts and actions.

After a good sleep, wake up, take your time to wake your body up, freshen up, and then spend some time in solitude with the inner you. You would have spent an entire day slogging your way at work. Sleeping can only refresh your eyes, your brain is still processing fast, and your technology and digital devices are doing no good.

Also, social media is not the right place to begin your day. There is so much unwanted information, malice, hurt, ego sand hatred on the social media, that it can ruin your entire day. Keep your mind away from unnecessary emotions and anger, at least for a few hours in the morning.

You can either meditate or listen to some soulful music and let your senses calm down. You would feel a lot more rejuvenated and full of energy throughout the day. Doing it every day would bring a positive change in your entire demeanor and your perspective of things.

#4. No More Posture Related Health Issues

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Ever wondered why your neck always feels sore even after a night of good sleep on a very comfortable mattress? Posture! Look around you. Do you see people around you buried into their mobile gadgets with a craned neck and hunched posture? That was you till this time.

Imagine how much of strain your neck and back have to undergo daily. Give it a break. Keeping your mobile away during the mornings would give your body the relaxation it needs. Try spending that extra time on some neck massages or exercises. Your body would definitely feel grateful for that.

#5. More Time Equals a New Hobby

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We all have had at least one hobby while we were growing up. Then we just grew up, and we stopped pursuing them due to lack of time. Giving yourself a tech-free morning would mean gifting yourself a few hours or even minutes of precious time that you can utilize to do something you loved once.

Rekindle your hobby or get yourself a new one. Read a new book, paint pictures, write a diary, or even blogs. Spend some time for yourself, and you would be able to handle stress more effectively. You would love even the monotonous and stress-laden job that you once used to drag yourself to.

#6. Prepares Your Mind to Face the Day Better

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What can be worse than the feeling of dread that immediately creeps in the minute you start checking your emails in the mornings? One second you find the day bright and sunny, and the very next minute, you feel overwhelmed from your workload. Your mind frantically starts making a to-do list of everything urgent, and you begin to feel the stress. Not the best way to start your day, right?

Give your brain the time to get out of the good sleep mode and start processing fully before you start loading it again.

Sip your coffee in peace and put away your mobile for as long as you can. Celebrate your morning while you still can, and put away your stress for a while. When you don’t overwhelm your mind with too much data, you enable it to be better prepared and calm.

#7. Physical Exercise

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When was the last time you went on a walk, smelt the flowers on your way, looked up at the sky or greeted someone walking next to you? If you haven’t done that already, do it now. We are so engrossed in our gadget world that even when you are going for a walk, you are not physically available.

An Afterthought

Remember, if you are checking your mobile phone while you are on your breakfast table you are not EATING, you are just CHEATING! Most of the time we are not checking our phones to see if there is anything urgent, we are just habituated to do so. All these technologies and smart devices are distractions that we can just let go if we have a strong will. All this hype about digital technology making our lives easier becomes illogical toss the minute we let it rule our lives.

Mornings are a time when your day has just started and still not started. While we can’t eliminate technology from our life completely, we can surely give ourselves a slow tech-free and serene morning to cherish and live for every day.




Wakefit is a research and innovation driven sleep solutions company founded with a vision to democratize sleep in India.

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Wakefit is a research and innovation driven sleep solutions company founded with a vision to democratize sleep in India.

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