Looking for ergonomic study tables? Here’s what you should be looking out for

5 min readAug 31, 2020


The modern generation and most of the working-class family members have begun to realise the importance of having a dedicated study and workspace for maximum productivity.

Wooden study table with drawer from Wakefit

The importance of having a dedicated study area cannot be overstated. Although a house is a place full of joy, love and serenity, it is also a place of many distractions when it comes to working or studying. By having a dedicated study area, you will be able to get away from all the distractions, focus on your work, complete your work faster and be more productive.

However, what differentiates a study area in your house from the rest of the rooms or places are the products you buy, which help in personalising the space as per your needs and requirements. At the crux of all this, are the study tables because that is where you will ultimately sit on and get your work done.

Moreover, in all honesty, a regular study table will not do much good for most of the people in the modern-day. Because we have to constantly switch back and forth from online to offline work and vice versa. Hence, your study table should have such ergonomic characteristics that your workflow process and different tasks are transitioned without much clutter.

Below are five points that you should consider when looking for an ergonomic study table that seamlessly fits into your work life.

1. Type of Work

The type of work you do is one of the most influential factors that dictate what kind of study table suits you the best.

If your work is mostly online and on digital devices, then consequently, you will not require a study table with lots of shelves and storage spaces. You could conveniently opt for a classic or minimal looking study table like the Wakefit Athena study table for all your work. This table gives you a large workspace with a drawer and a cabinet space for storing your work essentials.

Wooden study table from Wakefit

If your work is mostly offline and requires the use of pens, papers, pencils and many other stationery items like writers and artists, then a study table with multiple shelves would be the ideal choice. By getting a study table with drawers, you can comfortably segregate and store all of your stationery items so that they are accessible as and when required.

Are you a person who works both online and offline equally? Then a study table with a good amount of storage space along with larger working area dimensions is preferable. This way, you can have your electronic devices like laptops and desktops in the same place as your books and papers to facilitate easy switching between the two. We think the Sage Study Table would be perfect.

2. Area and Location

The ideal type of study table for you does not just depend on the type of work you do but is also heavily influenced by how much area you have allocated or your study space and what is its location.

If the area you have allotted for your study is not too large, then getting a modular study table like the Wakefit Sophia Wall Mount Study Table is undoubtedly one of the best choices. This is because it solves your problem of space constraint by easily getting mounted on a wall. Moreover, your primary workspace is supported by hinges and magnets. This will save you even more space because you can extend the workspace only when needed and when you are done working you can simply close it, and all your items inside will also be protected from external factors like dust and accidental fluid spills.

Wall mounted wooden study table from Wakefit

But if you have a large enough area for your study table, then getting one with a large workspace and many shelves will help you a lot with storage since you will not have to purchase additional storage racks or cupboards to store books and stationery items.

In addition to the amount of space you have allotted, you must also factor in the location you wish to have your study table in. Suppose you are planning to have your study table at a corner of a room, then going for an L-shaped corner study table could be a wise decision as it will make the most out of the space allocated.

3. Height Above the Ground

When selecting a study table, you should also keep in mind its height from the ground. If it is a wall-mounted study table, then the height does not matter as you can adjust it as per your requirements. But for other study tables that rest on the floor, having a height between 30 and 35 inches should be good.

However, if you do like a study table and its design, but it is too high above the ground, you can solve this problem by getting a study chair with adjustable height. Hence, the height of the table above the ground is not a heavily influencing factor, but it is a good variable to factor into your purchasing equation.

4. Portability and Mobility

Sitting in the same place for weeks or months at a time can be very boring and unmotivating. A change of scene is always a good step for most people to stay productive. Hence, if you are a person who keeps shifting the furniture regularly around the house, then getting a modular study table or a wall-mounted study table that is not too bulky is a good choice.

Such study tables wooden do not occupy a lot of space, and so you do not have to think much about the places you want to move them to or even how to move them. They are typically lightweight and are very portable. Even a single person can comfortably dismantle, transport, assemble and mount them anywhere.


So, did you find what you were looking for? The four factors discussed above should be factored into your purchasing decision to make the best study table choice for your workspace




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